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About Us

Act Of Nature provides quality products to those who spend their days and nights outside chasing their dreams and mastering their crafts.  We serve those with a passion for adventure and who push their skills to the limits, because what you do outside isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life.

Today's outdoor athletes have spent thousands of hours perfecting their crafts, to perform at their best, when the pressure is on and when it counts the most.  Whether it's putting together the perfect run down the mountain, up the rock face, through the white water, or under the barrel, Act Of Nature celebrates their drive and dedication, and recognizes the very same drive, dedication, and commitment in our search and rescue first responders.  Our ski patrollers, search and rescuers, lifeguards, and wild land firefighters have spent thousands of hours training to save lives and put their skills on display when responding to Acts Of Nature.  Whether it's a rescue involving avalanches, big waves, swift water, wildfires, rockslides, or other extreme elements, they too perform at their best when the pressure is on and when it counts the most.

We support all of today's extreme athletes, hikers, hunters, adventurers, and the multitude of outdoor rescuers who are there to save their butts!  We recognize our shared love for the outdoors and adventure and we celebrate our partnerships within this beautiful community of risk takers and life savers!

Act Of Nature was founded by a SoCal native and amateur snowboarder, surfer, mountain biker turned professional first responder.  10% of all proceeds go towards supporting the human and K9 search and rescuers of the world who dedicate their lives to being there for others.  

Act Of Nature: A natural disaster, synonymous with Act of God.